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End of Tenancy: What Needs Cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is where you need to put the property back to the same condition as when you moved in. Most landlords will expect the property to be cleaned to a professional standard, even if you do it yourself.

If you’re wondering what needs doing for your end of tenancy clean, this article will help you plan for the best results. For the end of tenancy cleaning in Enfield or North London, we do also provide professional property cleaning services.

So let’s take a look at what needs cleaning for the end of the tenancy to ensure you get all of your deposit back.


For most landlords, an end of tenancy clean means you will give a thorough vacuum cleaning of all carpets and, where possible, remove stains too. This might require some carpet cleaning equipment such as a specialist vacuum cleaner with a shampoo function.

Carpets Cleaning


Although most contracts do specify ‘reasonable wear and tear’, they will expect stains and ground-in dirt to be removed from carpets.

Pay particular attention to hallways, which can look very worn over time. Also if you have had any spillages, do your best to remove stains such as wine or coffee.

Bathrooms & Toilets

Giving bathrooms and toilets an end of tenancy clean is usually where you’ll need to work to clean mould and tiles. Make sure to pay attention to the following:

  • Tiles and grout are cleaned and black mould removed
  • Toilets are cleaned thoroughly
  • Grime removed from baths, sinks and other fittings
  • Floor mopped and cleaned
  • Any mould on ceilings or walls removed as much as possible


When it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning, the kitchen is often the biggest headache. This is because the area tends to accumulate grime and grease over the months and years, so pay particular attention to:

  • Ovens will need a thorough cleaning and degreasing
  • Stovetops often need special attention to get dirt out from the nooks and crannies
  • Fridges will need to be emptied and cleaned thoroughly, including shelving, walls, doors, handles and trays
  • Clean walls and surfaces around cooking areas as there will likely be splashed on the walls
  • You may also need to clean under the fridge or dishwasher too as this can be a hotspot of dirt
  • Kitchen cabinets and drawers should also be cleaned, especially around handles and on shelving

Bedrooms and Living rooms

Make sure each of the living spaces including bedrooms and living rooms is as clean as possible when doing an end of tenancy clean. This will include:

  • Vacuum carpets and curtains
  • Dust surfaces and removes residual dirt
  • Wipe down walls and light switches which can often attract dirty prints

You may also need to de-cobweb the ceiling and clean out wardrobes and cupboards of dust and dirt.

Common Problems with the End of Tenancy Cleaning

Many people who do this themselves will find that it is a lot of work. It usually takes several days, while packing up belongings and often takes longer than expected.

The main problem areas are usually the oven and the kitchen and sometimes the bathroom too.

Make sure to have good quality cleaning products, lots of clothes and scrubbing pads and also a face mask to avoid toxic fumes.

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

Using a professional end of tenancy cleaning service in Enfield or North London can save you time and worry… Once you’re all packed up and ready to move out, a professional end of tenancy clean will tackle all those problem spots and make sure that the premises look its best.

If you’re low on energy, don’t have the time, or don’t want to handle all those cleaning products yourself, this is when an end of tenancy cleaning service is probably the best choice.

You’ll be able to rest easy that the oven is grime-free, the carpets are spotless and that all those little nooks and crannies are dust and dirt free.

Save yourself the hassle and book in a professional End of Tenancy Cleaning in Enfield. Enfield Maid covers North London from our Enfield base.

Don’t think you can afford a private cleaning service? In fact, we think our Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service in Enfield is in fact very affordable. Take a look at our price list, or get in touch for a quote at 0203 556 9404.

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