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The Spring has Sprung!


The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, nature is waking up and so are you. No more gloomy, freezing days when all you wanted to do was curl up on your couch under a blanket (or two).

Spring Cleaning lets you get rid of the wintery clutter and allows warmth and freshness to enter your home. It can seem like a daunting task, especially when most of us have spent more time at home than ever before. But don’t worry – we’ll help you make the cleaning process much more manageable with expert cleaning tips and a simple checklist to ensure nothing skips your eyes (and doesn’t need to be re-cleaned until the next year)!


Okay, so what is “Spring Cleaning?”


It’s the same as “Deep Cleaning”. Deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning process that cleans your home inside out, top to bottom. While you clean your floors, vacuum your carpets, and wipe your countertops regularly, there are other cleaning tasks that you do much more rarely. These rarely done tasks are what you do during Spring Cleaning.

This checklist offers an overview of everything you need to know, including information on cleaning products, stain removal, furniture care, and more to make your Spring Cleaning a breeze.

Let’s get started!


Start the warm season of 2022 with a simple 12-step Spring Cleaning Checklist


The year doesn’t really start before the summer, especially now, when most of us have barely had the chance to leave our homes since the last summer.

You may live in an apartment or a house, you may or may not have a garden. Not every step will apply to you, so think of the checklist as a general guideline that you tailor to your home. It’s also hard to estimate how much time it will take you. A one-bedroom apartment could be thoroughly cleaned in a day or two, while a 2-story house might take several weekends for the whole family. And that’s okay as deep cleaning usually needs to be done only once or twice a year!

The tips below outline basic techniques that will help you clean every surface (or object) in any room, leaving your home sparkling and glinting from top to bottom.

Stock Up On Cleaning Products & Equipment


You might already have most of the cleaning supplies, but before you free up a whole day for cleaning, let’s make sure you have everything that you will need.

Starting with the essentials, you will need a microfiber cloth, a couple of sponges, a reusable spray bottle, and a good all-purpose cleaner. These supplies will get most of the tasks done and will leave your budget intact. Other, more specific tasks, will require additional supplies, which will be listed in the following task descriptions.


Dust-off Walls and Ceilings

Start with a vacuum to remove the larger dust chunks, and then remove the surface grime using a degreaser (this will be the most common in kitchen areas). Our clients have reported making this accidental mistake, so be informed – some products may react to the surfaces, so test them first in a less visible area to ensure they won’t do any damage.


Vacuum and Wash Carpets and Rugs

Synthetic carpets and rugs can be hand washed with shampoo at home, but other rugs require professional cleaning only. Most carpets and rugs come with cleaning instructions, but if you’ve lost the instructions, we advise you to consult with a professional(in most cases, it will be cheaper to hire a professional cleaner than to replace a ruined carpet or rug).


Dust-off Shelves and Books

First, take off everything you’ve stocked up on shelves over the winter. Place it on the floor, and clean the shelves. If you haven’t cleaned them for a long time, use a vacuum cleaner, if there’s not much dust, a regular brush will do. Finally, wipe the shelves and everything that was in them with a soft cloth, and organize as you like. You might be surprised by how much dust can accumulate in these hard-to-reach spots within just a few months, so take the extra time and effort to reach them!

Clean Your Furnishings


For soft chairs and couches, take out the cushions and beat them to remove the dust. This can be done by hand, but you can use alternative methods, just be gentle. Once you’ve taken care of the general dust, use a vacuum with a special crevice extension to clean the narrower areas. Once again, if you’re not sure about the right cleaning methods, consult with a professional. We generally advise you not to use chemical-based solutions for cleaning upholstered furniture as we’ve seen people ruining expensive furniture by not carefully reading what their used product’s actual purpose was.


Polish Door and Window Metal Hinges and Hardware

Liquid polishes and polish-impregnated cloths work well for medium-tarnished surfaces; pastes and creams are best for heavier work where the tarnish just doesn’t come off. When working with strong products, be careful not to spread them on the nearby areas. Some of these products can remove paint, or even damage the plastic and wood. Take your time and carefully clean only the metal areas.


Dust Your Home – Top to Bottom

To avoid repeating this process over and over again, always clean from top to bottom. That way, all the dust you wipe off will drop on the floor and will be easy to clean up with a vacuum.

Alternatively, you can use dusting sprays. Dusting sprays will get rid of any dust and dirt buildup, and also keep your furniture protected. It’ll look shiny and new, no matter how old it is or how often you clean it! If you prefer natural solutions, as we do, a wet microfiber cloth does the job just as well (though must be done more frequently).


Restore Wooden Furniture

Start by wiping down with a wetted microfiber cloth, if needed, you can add a mild all-purpose cleaner. When the surfaces are clean, apply paste wax to small areas at a time, and let them dry. Come back after an hour and gently wipe over with a clean and dry cloth.

The difference can be like a day and night, ages-old furniture that you may have started to hate, can look just as good as when you bought it, and re-ignite the love you once had for them!


Check For Fire Safety

Smoke detectors need their batteries changed twice a year, as well as cleaned to avoid the dust settling on the detectors. This is also a great time to check your fire extinguisher and ensure everyone in your home knows how to operate both the detectors and extinguishers.


Clean The Windows

You can use a store-bought window cleaner, or mix water and a mild dishwashing cleaner for cleaning the glass areas. Apply them on the glass, starting from top to bottom, and wipe them off with a dry microfiber cloth or paper towels.

Curtains and blinds usually come with care labels, but in case you’ve lost them, wooden, vinyl, and metal blinds can be wiped with a cloth, while most of the curtains can be machine washed.


Wax The Floors

There’s a special product, usually a paste or liquid, for each kind of material. Here it’s best to go to your local hardware store and let them suggest you the right product!


6 Tips For Easier Cleaning – Clean The Smart Not The Hard Way


Huff… That was a long list… But remember, you don’t have to do it all in a day! And to make Spring Cleaning even easier and more enjoyable, here are 6 tips you can use to work smarter not harder!

Clean Room by Room

Create cleaning checklists for each room to help you get organized. There’s no need to reclean areas that have been cleaned recently, so focus on the areas which were largely forgotten about over the winter.

Clear the Clutter

Sort your belongings into four categories – trash, give away, store, or put away, this is an effective systematic approach to move through the spring-cleaning process. Move the clutter out as soon as possible, whether it’s donating or selling it.

Team-Up (and pay in ice cream)

Even young children can be excellent helpers. Assign age-appropriate chores, so everyone feels involved. Turn on some music as you all clean or create rewards for getting the work done. You will be surprised by how much children can do to get their favourite ice cream!

Add-In The Summery Chores


Many chores need to be done seasonally, so get them out of the way early. Tackle outdoor chores, such as cleaning the grill and clearing the yard. Store winter items, and bring out your spring items to let the warmth enter your home!

Keep Cleaning Products to a Minimum

Too many cleaning supplies can create unnecessary clutter, and you probably don’t even need all of them. Get just the previously mentioned essentials as those items will cover the majority of surfaces in your home. Purchase other products only as needed.

Re-evaluate Your Cleaning Habits

You don’t have to complete your Spring Cleaning in a day, or two, or even a weekend. Consistency will provide much better results and will prove to be much less intimidating, so start with just 15-30 minutes each day. That will help to get you in the habit of cleaning daily even when you’re done with Spring Cleaning.


Scrap the Spring Cleaning Checklist and leave Spring Cleaning to Enfield Maid!


Enfield Maid offers flexible cleaning options. Hire us for a complete Spring Cleaning or ask us to help with the complex tasks that require professional attention!

Choose Enfield Maid for cleaning services and make your Spring Cleaning a breeze!

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