Residential Cleaning: What Does it Include & How To Choose a Cleaner

If you’re searching for a reliable residential cleaner in North London, you probably have a few questions beforehand. If you’ve never used a residential cleaner in Enfield before this article will explain what to expect and how to find the best domestic cleaning service.


What does a residential cleaner clean?


When you hire a private house cleaner, you can choose which rooms and what they clean in your house. In general, most people will have their living areas cleaned such as:


  • Living room
  • Hallways and landings
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom/toilet
  • Bedrooms
  • Children’s playrooms
  • Home office areas/studios


Not everyone will have every room cleaned, so some people will prefer a deep clean on their kitchen and bathroom and leave the rest. Others will prefer the full domestic cleaning service every week, or every two weeks.


Usually, on the first cleaning appointment, you make it clear to your cleaner exactly what needs cleaning. This can be adapted week-by-week if you choose to use a regular domestic cleaning service in Enfield.


Laundry, dishes and other specific cleaning instructions


A standard domestic cleaning service will also include many of the standard household chores. This includes:


  • Cleaning dishes
  • Emptying/filling dishwasher
  • Cleaning oven, fridge and pantry
  • Running laundry
  • Drying/hanging out laundry
  • Vacuum cleaning carpets
  • Deep cleaning bath or shower
  • Toilet and sink cleaning
  • Making beds/changing bedding
  • Window cleaning (interiors only)
  • Vacuum cleaning curtains
  • Sorting toys/tools etc


Often the included services can be specified by you, the homeowner. Some of the deeper cleanings might need to be done as part of a longer booking with your residential cleaner in Enfield.


For example, you might not need a deep clean on your bath or shower every week and might prefer monthly. It’s totally up to you how much your domestic cleaner cleans!


How long does a domestic cleaner booking last?


When you book your residential cleaner in Enfield, you can choose the service for as long as you want. All residential cleaning by Lets Shine is done by the hour, so you can choose your Enfield residential clean for as many as you think you might need.


A standard one-bedroom flat will take around 2 hours, a larger 4 bedroom house might take approximately 4 hours, depending on the specified cleaning.


We also offer a flat rate based on the size of your property, which you can check out on our price list.


How to choose a residential cleaner in Enfield


When it comes to choosing your residential cleaning service in North London, you should always check a few things first.


Are they insured for damage? All companies that provide public services should have public liability insurance, but you might find some companies cut corners. With Lets Shine you can be assured that our Enfield based residential cleaning service is covered up to £1 million.


Not all cleaning companies in North London will provide the cleaning equipment or chemicals needed to do the job. Many will ask you to make sure you have the right supplies in stock.


At Lets Shine, all of our teams will arrive at your home with the tools for the job, ready to go...

Another factor to bear in mind is if your chosen domestic cleaners are CRB checked. Of course, you don’t want to let just anyone into your home, so you’ll need peace of mind that your private cleaners are security checked.


You might also want to check if you’re going to get the same cleaner every week. Again, for your peace of mind, you most likely want the same cleaner or team on a weekly basis.


With Lets Shine, we aim to provide the same cleaning team for ongoing residential cleaning clients in Enfield. Of course, if there is annual leave, sickness or other problems with providing the same cleaner, we’ll aim to let you know in good time and provide cover if required.


Covid-19 and domestic cleaning


During the Coronavirus pandemic, there is, of course, an additional level of worry for many people. We ensure the safety of both our cleaners and our clients, by ensuring our team wears face masks and gloves while on site.


For any residential cleaning in Enfield, from a studio flat to a spacious family home, ask Lets Shine for a quote.


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