Regular Cleaning

is cheaper than you think

Schedule your cleaning with us and free up time for more fun activities

How much do you love cleaning? Odd question, right? “Not much” is probably along the lines of what you would say. No one really “loves cleaning”. It’s just something you do to keep your home safe and cozy. We take it even a step further and say – you don’t even have to do the cleaning. Get a regular cleaning where a professional cleaner comes and cleans your space for you. You just sit back and relax. Or anything else, now you have the free time!

Regular Cleaning services inclusive of all the essentials

Call it – domestic, maintenance or standard cleaning. You get the idea and you know this must be done regularly to keep your home neat, tidy and clutter-free.
The Regular Cleaning service includes one cleaner who will come to your home and take notes of everything you want to be cleaned.
And in a matter of hours, your space will be fresh for the upcoming week.

Regular Cleaning tasks include:

  • Wiping down/dusting all furniture and surfaces
  • Vacuum/mopping floors
  • Take out the rubbish bin
  • Making the bed
  • Cleaning sinks, bathtubs, showers & toilets
  • Cleaning Counter tops

Don’t want a certain room cleaned? Just let the cleaner know at start of the visit and he will note and fulfill all your cleaning-related wishes.



Who can benefit from Regular Cleaning?

People with busy schedules
Almost everyone can benefit from our service as all of us have busy schedules nowadays. You can even leave us your keys will we do the cleaning and you arrive at clean and cozy home.

House-sharing & AirBnb
Link us your Airbnb booking schedule and your guests will always praise you for the cleanliness.

If you share a house with others why not all chip in for a regular clean instead of a cleaning rota thats hard to keep up with.

Elderly & Disabled People
Have a elderly or disabled relative or friend we will ensure all thier cleaning needs are handled efficiently and professionally. Are staff are trained to be  sensitive to vulnerable, elderly and disabled people needs.


We are proud of our cleaners

All of our cleaners are vetted professionals with years of cleaning experience. They treat each home like their own and handle each request with the utmost care and diligence. Friendly, professional and fluent English-speakers dressed in brand uniforms. True professionals who speak your language and would love to make your home a place that truly feel like home. Really loved the work of one of oue cleaners? You can make a special request to only have this cleaner clean your home.

Scheduling and Pricing

It’s easier than you think and cheaper too! Schedule your cleaning online or give us a call! You will receive a straightforward and always transparent hourly pricing for the time period scheduled. The longer your membership, the cheaper your hourly rate. Goes as low as 9 pounds per hour, lowest in the area!

Check out our pricing page.

enfield maid regular cleaning

Cross the burdensome “weekly cleaning” off your task list