end of tenancy cleaning

Don’t lose your deposit – don’t lose a potential tenant

Both – tenants and landlords often try to save money by cleaning the space themselves only to realize it’s much more complicated and costly than initially expected.

There’s a list of cleaning tasks that need to be done, and there are specific methods on how they should be done. Buying all the appropriate cleaning products and equipment already comes close to what a professional cleaning service would cost. Not even mentioning the time and effort involved.

Enfield Maid is a professional cleaning company that provides specialized End of Tenancy Cleaning service at an always transparent flat-rate pricing.

Are you a tenant?

Should you carry out an end of tenancy clean yourself?

Short answer – no. A longer one – still no. End of Tenancy cleaning is not the same “weekly cleaning” you used to do while living in the property. Now you have an extensive list of tasks that need to be performed, with specific products and cleaning methods to use.

More likely than not, you don’t have all the required cleaning products and equipment, so you’ll have to buy them.

The property must be returned to the same condition as it was when you moved in. In 9 out of 10 cases, it was cleaning by a professional cleaning company like ours. If any of the cleaning requirements will be unmet, you risk of not receiving, as minimum, a part of your deposit back.

We already know how the cleaning should be done, and we have all the right products and equipment. We can do it quicker and cheaper than you can.

Young couple sitting in new house with packing boxes.

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning to save you from the hassle

Clearly trying to cut costs and take shortcuts by attempting to carry out the End of tenancy clean yourself isn’t worth it, so save yourself the time, hassle, stress, expense and hard work and get it right the first time with a professional End of Tenancy Cleaning from the Enfield Maid.

Starting from the standard cleaning tasks: wiping down all furniture and surfaces, vacuum/mopping floors, cleaning sinks, bathtubs, showers & toilets, and kitchen counters.

All the way to:

  • Microwave, Oven and Dishwasher Cleaning
  • Wiping Down Bathroom, Kitchen & Ceiling Fans
  • Cleaning Inside, Outside, Under & Behind the Fridge & Freezer
  • Cleaning Inside, Outside, Under & Behind the Cabinets and Drawers
  • Sanitizing Bins, Bedroom & Bathroom Areas

Scheduling and Pricing

Enfield Maid offers simple flat-rate pricing based on the size of the home and the number of bedrooms which you can check out on our pricing page. Sometimes the cleaning may take longer than expected, nevertheless, you won’t have to pay any extra fees. We work up to a standard so both – tenants can get their full deposit back, and landlords can prepare their property to the highest safety & cleanliness standard.

Are you a landlord?

Should you carry out an end of tenancy clean yourself?

Short answer – no. A longer one – still no. Professional end of tenancy cleans are very likely to increase the chances of successfully renting your property. When moving to a new place, the last thing anybody would want to do is to worry about cleaning.

In many situations it is a legal requirement to carry out a professional end of tenancy clean.

You’re responsible for offering a property that is up to the best standards in terms of cleaning and hygiene. The end of tenancy clean will guarantee an increase in the property’s rental potential. Offering a well cleaned property to your client, chances are the property is much more likely to be rented or sold.

Get a full deposit back – leave good impressions on the new tenants