Post Renovation Cleaning

Adhering to all safety and legal requirements

There’s dust on every surface and every tiny crack. Half-used materials laying around. There might even be some sawdust, glass shards or metal particles. Cleaning post construction leftovers is not the same as doing your usual cleaning list. Your vacuum is not designed to be used for construction dust, bits and pieces. And then there are the big pieces – drywall leftovers, insulation pieces, wooden bits. You can’t just throw them in the garbage.

In short, cleaning after construction is messy and complicated. Enfield Maid team can move in and get the job done before you know it, because we’ve done this many, many times. This frees you up to enjoy the results of all your planning and hard work.

Enfield Maid does it safely, legally and efficiently

It’s safer for everyone involved. There’s sawdust, nails, broken glass, wires and more of building material leftovers. A professional crew not only has experience in cleaning up a construction site, but they have better equipment than just a broom and dustpan.

The job will be done professionally and legally. You can’t just toss leftover drywall or wood in that week’s trash pickup. Construction materials must be separated for special pickup, and paint and other chemicals must be delivered to a special facility for legal disposal.

The job will be completed quickly and efficiently. A professional cleanup company will have all the necessary equipment to do the job fast, like trucks, trailers and manpower.

For a one-off DIY project cleanup and partnering with home repair service providers

Post Construction Services are equally a great fit for one-off home repair project cleanup, and for long-term partnerships with home repair service providers. Our cleaning teams are specifically trained to adhere to the highest safety and legal requirements and know how to quickly take care of the cleaning tasks. We have all the right equipment and we have access to disposal places for construction-related waste and leftover materials.

Scheduling and Pricing

Enfield Maid offers simple flat-rate pricing based on the size of the home and the number of bedrooms which you can check out on our pricing page. Sometimes the cleaning may take longer than expected, nevertheless, you won’t have to pay any extra fees.

Finish off your project with a full professional cleaning