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Residential Cleaning During The Corona-virus Pandemic (COVID 19)

House cleaning has become even more important for many people during the Coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak of Covid-19 has meant many more people are aware of the presence of germs, bacteria and viruses in the home.

If you’ve previously used a residential cleaning service in Enfield. But paused it as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering if it’s safe to bring a domestic cleaner into your home.

These are our top tips for house cleaning in Enfield during the Covid-19 outbreak.

House cleaning precautions during Covid-19


WHO and Government advice is to maintain social distancing and to ensure face masks are worn and hands are cleaned regularly. So in accordance with these guidelines, all our house cleaners in Enfield will be using face masks and gloves for the foreseeable future.

We aim to maintain social distancing as much as possible. All of our Enfield residential cleaning team are briefed about how to behave in homes during the pandemic.

For many, this isn’t a problem, as our house cleaning in Enfield is often done when people are out of the home. But, if you do need to maintain social distancing from your house cleaners while you’re in the home, you shouldn’t need to worry.


What Specific House Cleaning is done for Covid-19


In general, our Enfield house cleaning team will focus on ensuring all surfaces are clean, as standard.

They can also ensure that touchpoints such as door handles, push panels, intercoms and exit/entry buttons are cleaned thoroughly too.

We use the best quality cleaning equipment and tools for each of our house cleaning jobs in Enfield. So, you can be assured that we are doing our best to kill viruses and germs in your home. To make sure your home truly is your fortress!

If you need to clean a specific area as an anti-Coronavirus measure, for example, a guest bedroom or shared living area, you can also let your house cleaning team know. They can help you to identify high-risk touchpoints and ensure that your home is as clean as it can be to avoid the potential spread of viruses.

Best Residential Cleaners

Why use House Cleaning Services in Enfield


With more people working from home, a house cleaner in Enfield might be a very attractive idea right now. Reliable and well-trained cleaners can save you time, make your home safer and prevent the spreading of germs in your home.

Many people use house cleaning services for:

  • Shared houses, with flatmates who might not always pull their weight with cleaning up or doing the dishes
  • Live in relatives, who might need special care or those who might not take the best care of their living area
  • Short term lets/Airbnb, to maintain a high professional standard of cleaning between visitors
  • Home from home, if you live elsewhere but need to have your Enfield apartment or house cleaned before or after your visit
  • End of tenancy cleaning, for people moving our who don’t have time to do the required cleaning – or even for agents who would like to get the place up to a viewable standard


In short, there are many reasons to hire a professional house cleaner. And hiring a domestic cleaner in Enfield is actually quite cost-effective, especially if you’re always too busy to clean!


Is it safe to use a House Cleaner during the Coronavirus Pandemic?


We do our best to make sure our team are aware of the measures to take in our clients’ homes to prevent the spread of viruses. All our Enfield house cleaners follow the recommendations as much as possible.


Also, we do ask that any of our domestic cleaning team keep us informed. If they are feeling any symptoms of Covid-19, or if they have been in contact with anyone who has.


We think that our house cleaning service is as safe as it possibly can be during the pandemic. However, if you’re not comfortable with having a residential cleaner on-site. You can request that they come when you’re out of the home.


Stay safe, stay clean


If you’re looking for the best house cleaning service in Enfield, we’d love to hear from you. We can answer any of your questions or give you a quote. We cover residential and commercial cleaning all across North London from our base in Enfield.


So, if you want a safe and clean home, let’s Shine…

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