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Stephen House

Ready for all-size tasks

Most cleaning jobs can be done by a single or at most two cleaners, but if needed, we’re capable of taking up any size of work with a professional cleaner crew.

More than just cleaning

If the property hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, we are also able to prevent or slow down time-induced damage, for example waxing floors and furniture.

Industry-best equipment & products

Exclusive materials have to be handled with special equipment, products, and care. When hiring us, you also get access to sophisticated equipment and specialized products that can’t be bought in the stores.

You Should Know

Our extensive experience and training of  cleaners and specialized cleaning products ensure your space gets the best possible clean.


The customer had inherited a large 2-story house that was empty for well over a decade. Luckily, it didn’t have any leaks or structural damage, but there was a lot of work to restore the property. As the house was built almost a century back, it was essential to use appropriate tools and products that wouldn’t do any damage.


Our extensive experience and training ensure that our cleaners can work with exclusive materials and use highly specialized equipment and tools. Achieving a comparable result for the homeowner would have taken weeks if not months, but for our cleaning crew, it only took 2 days. The customer was more than satisfied with our service and pricing, especially after learning that some of the tools in our equipment easily cost 10 times the amount we charged for cleaning the whole house.

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