Local Enfield Business

Recruitment of Local Staff

Hiring our cleaners is a great way of supporting the local Enfield economy as more people in the area will be in employment.

Knowledge of Local Area

We have a in-depth knowledge of the Enfield area, the traffic, the shops and the other businesses in the area. An are able to use all these to your advantage.

Reduced Environmental Effect

Support the environment from the impact of commuting to and from work. Our staff are local which means they don't have to travel far to get to work.

We Have The Ability To Respond Quicker

A key benefit of hiring us is that we are able to respond to your needs quicker. Because of our proximity to our office, it is easier to book additional services, arrange a site visit abd attend to problems very quickly.


The owner/operator of a high volume restaurant stepped away from the day-to-day activities of running the restaurant. After a few online reviews about the cleanliness of the restaurant, the owner needed to check things out. The owner was not thoroughly satisfied with the performance of the previous cleaning vendor. Among other things, the state of the floors and equipment use to clean said floors were unsatisfactory. Over time, the grout lines and floors became intolerable.

Working Relationships

Being local to Enfield leads to better performance, relationship as the managers can always keep a close eye on staff performance. It also means we are easy to access because we are just a few minutes away and we are able to respond quickly.

Being Local means YOU get a more personalised service because we have a closer working relationship.

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