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Read how this landlord cut the time spent on maintaining his properties in half.

Ready for all size tasks

Most cleaning jobs can be done by a single or at most two cleaners, but if needed, we’re capable of taking up any size of work with a professional cleaner crew.

Commercial Equipment & Products

The products we use can’t all be bought in regular stores. We use professional-grade cleaning equipment, tools, and products that allow us to clean faster and more effectively.

Local professionals

We’re called Enfield Maid for a reason; we know the area better than any of our competitors and so can do the job quicker than them too.

You Should Know:

People tend to believe that landlords are only relaxing while their income rolls in month after month, but some landlords actually work an equivalent of a full-time job just to ensure their tenants have everything taken care of for them.

The Challenge:

Our customer who owns 7 rental properties spent on average 20 hours per week on his properties. Still seems like a great deal, right? Not so much, when you consider that this time was spent on maintenance tasks like cleaning and repairs only. Accounting, property management, and all the legal process took another 20 hours. He asked us for help to cross cleaning tasks off his task lists, so he can start enjoying his business.

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