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Health and safety

Harsh chemicals are a no-go when you have children playing in every corner of the house. We made sure to use only organic and natural solutions for cleaning the house.

Advisory for cleaning kids’ toys

Kids’ toys live in a world of their own where traveling from indoors to outdoors dozens of times is ordinary. We advised a simple natural solution for parents to clean their kids’ toys.

Creating a consistent cleaning schedule

Our regular cleaning membership proves that just a few hours a week are enough to maintain a clean home.

You Should Know

Cleaning becomes much easier when it is done regularly. Rather than putting it off and then dedicated a full day, develop small, routine habits that never allow your house to become messy in the first place.


Young parents have a lot of responsibilities to navigate, so cleaning often gets delayed until it gets too bad to be ignored. When the client first contacted us, they were overwhelmed by how many cleaning tasks there are to do regularly, and they just couldn’t keep up with them when their kids “destroyed” their efforts a couple of hours later. “Mommy, look what I found outside!” while standing on the freshly washed carpet in dirt-covered boots…


It took a few hours when we first arrived because parents weren’t able to keep every spotless clean. After we finished, we agreed on a scheduled weekly cleaning that allows the parents to only do a few small maintenance tasks while we took care of the rest. As the result, parents can now spend more time with their kids while not noticing much difference in their budget by taking advantage of our scheduled cleaning

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