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Uniformed Staff

Health and safety managers in a hospital decided that they needed to replace an old floor in a kitchen area following a number of slipping accidents.

New bespoke epoxy

They decided on a new bespoke epoxy based floor with specialist anti slip surface. The cleaners were amazed to see, almost immediately.

Keeping the floor clean.

The floor was duly laid and some time afterwards the flooring supplier was asked to visit the site because they were having problems keeping the floor clean.

You Should Know

All this could have been avoided if someone had bothered to tell the cleaners about the appropriate cleaning regime for the new floor!


The supermarket has an aisle of cleaning products, but are they really the best? We have access to a different range of cleaning products than the ones available at the local stores. Using more effective and higher quality cleaning products means better results on your  house or business cleaning.

to Organisation

Excel Cleaning Service was called in for a quote. After the walk thru the client received a list of chemicals and equipment used on their behalf. Very impressed by the aforementioned listing, the client felt assured and comfortable with the capabilities of Excel Cleaning Services.

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