Pricing guide

We offer simple flat pricing based on the size of the home and the number of bedrooms.

One Off

    Cost of Cleaner
    per hour
1 Month

    Cost of Cleaner
    per hour
3 Months

    Cost of Cleaner
    per hour
6 Months

    Cost of Cleaner
    per hour
1 Year

    Cost of Cleaner
    per hour

The cleaning time listed for each flat-rate cleaning package is an estimate. Your cleaning may take more or less time than estimated However .We work until it’s done -no extra charge

Extras included with DEEP CLEANING or DETAILED CLEAN

Our deep cleaning or “Detailed Clean” packages includes everything you’d get in a regular clean but the professional home cleaner  will dig even deeper to get your place even cleaner.

Cleaning Inside your OVEN
Cleaning Inside your FRIDGE
Cleaning Inside your KITCHEN CABINETS
Cleaning Inside your MICROWAVE
Limescale & Hidden Scum Removal from KITCHEN SINK
Limescale & Hidden Soap Scum Removal  from SHOWER  or BATHTUB
Deep Cleaning TOILETS
Vacuum or Mop (Under, Around and Between Appliances & Furniture)
Cleaning Interior WINDOWS

What we can't clean

Exterior windows, Carpet cleaning, Animal waste, Mold removal, Industrial cleaning, Lifting of heavy items, Surfaces above arms reach, High ceiling fans